Can I send you the components directly?

Can I send you the components directly?

一、In some cases, this may be acceptable, but we do not recommend it. There are several reasons.

1. Quality control problem: We cannot guarantee the quality of materials sent by customers, and the responsibilities for the quality of those components are not clear.

2. Storage condition problem: Due to the large variety of materials supplied by customers, we cannot provide the correct storage conditions for each component.

3. Customer-supplied components require customers to bear the costs of customs clearance, logistics, and other expenses.

4. Quantity issues: It is difficult to monitor the amount of materials supplied by customers, and there may be problems with residual materials. Communication between the three parties may also result in a high time cost.

二、Why we do not recommend customers to send all components to us:

Let's see an example: A customer place an order with full customer-supplied components, consisting of around 200 different kinds of components. The customer sends the entire order of components to us from overseas.

When the components arrive in China, for customs clearance, the customer must provide documentation for each component model, quantity, type, description, and other documents. This documentation is submitted to a third-party company for customs clearance. If there is a problem with the documents, it may take a few days to correct them. All documents must be accurate before they can be submitted to the customs for review. The customer is responsible for the tariff costs of the customer-supplied components. After the entire process is completed, the total tariff amount for this order is around 1,000 US dollars, which takes 10 working days.

Customer supply entire components of order not only wastes time, but also requires high tariff fees. There is also the risk of being returned. Therefore, we do not recommend customers to supply all components.

三、If you have a recommended supplier, we can contact them to purchase the corresponding components for you and only charge bank transfer fees. This not only saves you time but also allows us to communicate with the supplier as your representatives if there are any questions about the components, saving you energy.


四、If you must have a customer supply, please follow the following conditions.

1. To avoid order delays due to insufficient consumable materials, please purchase sufficient reserves. If the loss is insufficient, you may accept DNP for the remaining boards.

2. If you need components to supply after placing the order, please email [] to get the address.

3. If there is a tracking number, please provide it to [] in a timely manner to ensure timely delivery of components.

4. The customer is responsible for customs clearance, freight, etc.

5. The customer must use up any supplied components within 6 months. Otherwise, they will be disposed of as scrap.

6. We won't shipping the remaining components with your existing order. This is because the residual components are the leftovers after the production of PCBA, and not part of the BOM purchased separately. Shipping these components can cause a cumbersome customs clearance process and customs clearance risks. We advise you to use the remaining materials for your next order.

If you have any question, pls contact [].

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