Can I send components to NextPCB directly? (Consigned Parts)

Can I send components to NextPCB directly? (Consigned Parts)

In addition to turnkey PCBA services, HQ NextPCB supports consigned components i.e. components that are provided by the customer instead of being procured by NextPCB. This is useful if certain parts are hard to source or have a particularly long lead time. However, this should only be used as a last resort as there are a number of problems with consigned parts that we are not able to control:

1. Quality Control: We cannot guarantee the quality of materials sent by customers directly or by customers via other channels. Parts procured by NextPCB are from verified suppliers and channels that have a proven track record of providing genuine, new and undamaged parts and have quality agreements with HQ Electronics. Parts from Alibaba, TaoBao, eBay or Amazon for example cannot be verified and could be fake, old, second-hand, kept in improper storage or shipping conditions or could be in a format not fit for automated assembly (e.g. bagged or loose parts). 

2. Customs and logistics: Customers are responsible for all shipping and customs fees, and handle all customs clearance processing for consigned parts. If not handled correctly, parts could be delayed or even confiscated or returned by customs authorities. For turnkey parts, NextPCB will usually take care of clearance and no extra fees or handling are required from the customer. 

Case Study

A customer places a consignment order with all components supplied by the customer, consisting of over 200 different components. The customer sends all the components to us from overseas.

When the components arrive in China, customs requests documentation for each component model, quantity, type, description, and other supporting documents, which is then reviewed by customs officials. If there is a problem with the documents, it may take a few days to correct them. The customer is then billed with tariff costs and customs fees. After 10 working days, the package is finally released and the total tariffs amount to over 1,000 US dollars.

Upon arriving, IQC (Incoming Quality Control) finds that some parts are not labelled with the part number or precise quantities, no spares (waste quantity) were provided and the contacts of some ICs have oxidized. These problems delay the order further.

If clients are not familiar with regional customs clearance regulations and take care in preparing parts, the process can be daunting and waste a lot of extra time and money. Therefore, we strongly recommend against consigning parts if possible. But we understand cases where consigning parts has its advantages.

Before considering consigning components..

Before considering consigning components for hard to source parts, please consider these options:

Alternative components - Older products may have parts that have passed their EOL (end-of-life), are obsolete or the manufacturer may have changed the naming. First check if the manufacturer has a newer or similar part and verify the parameters are suitable for your device. If none are available, consider parts from other vendors. For general requirements, we can help you find alternatives for common parts such as passives, connectors, LEDs etc.

Alternative source - If you have not already, get in touch with us to see if our supply chain can find your part. HQ Electronics has an expansive network of trusted vendors and agents that excel in finding reliable sources of hard-to-find components. These are not accessible via the smart PCB quotation platform, so just because the quotation platform cannot match your parts please do not assume we cannot procure them. After uploading your files and filling in other details, add the order to your cart, and the procurement team will be able to see your BOM details. They will scour the supply chain and get back to you in 1 or 2 working days.

If you have a preferred supplier that you trust, we can contact them on your behalf to purchase the parts in the best format and deal with logistics, however, we cannot guarantee their quality or authenticity. 

DNP (Do not populate) - If only a few parts are required and your soldering skills are up to par, consider soldering the parts yourself or getting help locally. Larger parts and through-hole components for example can easily be soldered with a soldering iron and a steady hand. *Please do not attempt soldering yourself if you are not confident with your soldering skills*.

To assign DNP parts in the BOM file, enter DNP in the MPN or Consigned column or delete the part from the BOM entirely. The quotation system will ignore these parts entirely and the engineers will be able to see that this part does not require purchasing or populating.

How to Consign Parts to HQ NextPCB

Please first talk to your account manager or customer support if you would like to consign parts with the relevant part numbers and quantities. Once confirmed, they will send you the address of the IQC department.

Then, in your BOM file, add a column with the header Customer supply and enter Y for the parts you have agreed on consigning. The smart quotation platform will not try to match these parts and will only include them in calculating the assembly fees. The MPN is still required for DFA review. 

How to Prepare Consigned Parts for Shipping

If shipping the parts yourself, please follow these guidelines when preparing parts:

- Prepare overages! (Very important) Extra parts are required in case of losses during setup and production. Your account manager or customer support can advise on how much to send depending on the total required quantity and component type and size.

- Ensure the part number and quantities are clearly marked on the packaging.

- Ensure parts are properly sealed and protected, especially for ESD-sensitive and moisture-sensitive devices. The original, unopened manufacturer packing is preferred. 

- Prepare the necessary technical documentation for customs clearance.

Once shipped, please send us the tracking number as soon as possible! Without it, we cannot monitor when they will arrive and unknown packages may be discarded! 


- Customers are responsible for any freight and customs fees incurred and for handling customs clearance procedures. NextPCB will not be held responsible for seized, damaged or lost packages during transit, or delays caused by pending parts.

- Please use up supplied parts within 6 months. Opened parts left in storage for long periods of time may deteriorate and due to limited storage space, inventory has to be cleared regularly. If you have long-term plans, please inform your account manager to prevent your parts from being disposed of.

- Excess parts will not be returned as they will require dedicated customs clearance processing.

- For multiple orders using the same batch of components, a greater overage should be added to compensate for the setup losses for each production run.

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