How long do PCB order take?

How long do PCB order take?


1. Lead time refers to the time between order confirmation and dispatch to the customer.

2. PCB production typically takes between 3 and 14 business days, depending on specific order parameters. It is important to note that this estimate does not include any delays caused by engineering problems with the order or files.

3. Any orders placed after 18:00 will be delayed by one day.

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      Navigate to the NextPCB order page from the top menu and upload your PCB Gerber files on the order page. The website will parse the file and may extract parameters from the files and fill in these details for you such as PCB Size, Layer Count, Min. ...
    • What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)

      For PCB and PCBA, the minimum quantity is 5pcs.
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      To place orders with HQ NextPCB, you should provide an archive file (.zip or .rar) containing Gerber files and drill files for PCB manufacture. This article will guide you through how to export Gerber files and NC drill files from Altium Designer. ...
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      If you have several unpaid orders, you can choose to combine them into a group order and pay for them all at once during checkout. This ensures that the orders will be shipped together. If you have already paid for an order, please send the order ...
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      After completing checkout and payment, our engineers will begin file review for any order or engineering issues. If any problems are found, we will send you an email to notify you of the issues. Once the issues have been resolved, the order will be ...