How long is the lead time for PCB Assembly (PCBA) orders?

How long is the lead time for PCB Assembly (PCBA) orders?

After DFA review has been completed, the lead time for HQ NextPCB PCB assembly (PCBA) orders is around 7 business days if all the parts are from HQ Online and around 20 business days if not. The lead time may be affected by the PCB production time and the volume of parts/PCBs and any other additional services added.

Since parts not from HQ Online need to be imported, it typically takes several weeks for the parts to clear customs and arrive at our facilities. During this time, PCB fabrication usually has been completed. Once all parts have arrived and verified, PCB assembly can begin.

The lead time for PCBA begins from the day components are purchased.

Website Status:
PCB in production: Your PCB is being produced (3 - 14 business days).

BOM Processing: The procurement of components and other materials is taking place (around 17 business days from order confirmation).

Assembly: The boards will be assembled within 5 business days.

The lead time does not include any hold-ups caused by DFA/DFM file review. To make sure your order is not delayed, please keep an eye out for e-mail notifications from us. There may be a problem with your order that requires attention.

The lead time for PCBA extensions includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.If it takes a long time to confirm the DFA problem, the lead time will be extended.

2.If it takes a long time to confirm the EQ, the lead time will be extended.

3.If it takes a long time to confirm the sample pictures, the lead time will be extended.

Any problem that requires customer confirmation will result in a corresponding extension of the lead time if the confirmation is not timely.

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