How to get extra fast PCB Assembly?

How to get extra fast PCB Assembly?

HQ NextPCB's turnkey PCB assembly service can produce fully assembled PCBs from 5 working days by sourcing from HQ Online.

For turnkey PCB assembly abroad, the slowest part of the production cycle, and the cause of most long waiting times is component sourcing. Parts procured overseas require importing and must undergo customs checks, meaning it takes around two weeks for parts to arrive in the absence of delays.

HQ Online houses over 300,000 local parts, from passives to popular chips, both from international and local brands, that are available within days, not weeks, meaning you can skip the long wait times and get super fast turnkey PCB assembly. Combined with HQ NextPCB's fast PCB turnaround times, this makes PCBA assembly from 5 working days possible.

HQ NextPCB PCBA lead time from 5 days
- PCBs produced in 24 hours
- Parts arrive in 1-2 days
- Parts preparation, first article inspection and assembly completed in 2-3 days

How to get extra fast PCB assembly from 5 days?

Following these tips will maximize your chances of achieving super-fast turnkey PCB assembly:

Source all parts from HQ Online

The faster procurement only works if all parts are available locally. If just one part needs to be sourced from abroad, the whole order has to wait for that part to arrive before beginning assembly. Make sure your parts are available from HQ Online in the required quantity for your order and choose parts with healthier stock to decrease the chances of someone else snatching away your parts.

Choose 24-hour PCB production

Small, simple designs with green solder mask and few special requirements can be produced in 24 hours. You can test the PCB lead time on the PCB quotation page

Keep quantities low

Higher PCB and PCBA quantities increase the PCB production and assembly lead time. 5 pieces work best.

Verify your design and check for e-mails

PCBA orders undergo two engineering reviews; one for PCBA (Design for assembly) and one for PCB (Design for manufacture) and first article inspection, which may require you to respond.

Any mistakes found in the files could extend the lead time. The lead time does not include any delays resulting from file review or first article inspection, so verify your design as best as possible, and be on the lookout for messages from our engineering team. 

Keep it simple

Don't include testing or any other special requests. Don't include 0201 or smaller parts, BGAs or fine-pitch parts as these are more difficult to assemble and could require rework.

At the moment, the lead time on the order page will still display 9 working days even if you follow the tips above, even though 9 working days may not be required. We are working hard to make 5 working days the standard, at which point the order page will be updated. Stay tuned for improvements from HQ NextPCB that will optimize your workflow.