How to place a PCBA order?

How to place a PCBA order?

  1. Navigate to the NextPCB PCB Assembly order page from the top menu and upload your PCB Gerber files .

    The platform will try to read data from the Gerber files and extract some parameters from the files including PCB Size, Layer Count, Min. Trace/Space. If successful, the platform will fill in these parameters for you. Please double-check that these are correct. If extraction was unsuccessful, please enter the values on the order form.

  2. Select PCB parameters. Some options such as quantity and color cannot be extracted from the Gerber files and require manual input. Please go through each option and choose your board parameters. Hover the mouse over the '?' icon for additional information regarding each option.    

  3. Navigate to the PCB Assembly tab and upload the centroid/pick and place files and Bill of Materials or BOM file. The platform will read your BOM file and match it will live pricing from our sourcing partners including Digikey, Mouser and HQ Online.

    In order to extract part information from the BOM file and produce a quotation, the file must contain a column for the manufacturer part number (not the Digikey or Mouser part number), a Designators column and the quantity. For more information on how to prepare the BOM file click here .

    If successful, the platform will display information for each part including cost, production time and waste quantity and the PCBA quotation will be displayed on the right. 

  4. Review the quotation and click Add to Cart to save the order in your shopping cart.

    If some parts cannot be matched and require manual quoting, please click Add to Cart and our procurement team will search our supply chain for your unmatched parts. Your quotation should be completed within 1 business day and you will receive an e-mail notification.

  5. In your shopping cart, check the boxes for all orders you would like to check out and click Checkout . These orders will be packaged and shipped together.

  6. Fill in the shipping address, and select a shipping service and payment method. Then click Pay Now to proceed to payment and submit your order.

  7. Your order will now undergo Design for Assembly (DFA) review as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out on your registered e-mail address for any messages from our engineers. There may be problems that require your attention.

    Once the DFA review has been confirmed, we will begin the PCB fabrication and parts procurement processes. While we do our best to ensure everything is confirmed as early as possible, issues may occur that require confirmation from you. We will also ask you to confirm a sample once all parts are ready so please keep an eye out for e-mails from us to minimize delays and resolve any issues promptly.

Thank you so much and we hope you have a wonderful experience with HQ NextPCB. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support staff at